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GLICK THE REMOTE & CLOSE. Protection for your Shop, School Canteen/computer rooms, Sports oval, Clubs/Pubs, Gym.

Using the remarkable characteristics of the AR400 HDF slat profile as detailed in Information Bulletin 035, OZ Roll has been able to develop the Super Shutter Series. This shutter has been specifically designed for increased strength and security for commercial applications through to domestic, high wind or high-risk applications.

This design incorporated the benefits of the High Density Foam with the AR400 HDF product to secure the specially designed restrained slat inserts. These inserts are designed to integrate with the guide section and actually form a positive and structural connection with the guide.

This restraining design considerably increases the force needed to disengage the slat from the guide. The slat may deflect slightly, as is common, however once it reaches a certain point the inserts will act on two flanges shown in the guide and this will reduce the deflection.The Guide has been designed to handle the added forces that the slat will place on it. The wall thickness has been increased and overall engagement has been increased to allow for the restraining insert.

Critical to this concept is the ability to structurally fix the restrained insert into the slat profile and this is possible by using the AR400 HDF slat. Each insert is securely fastened using two 25mm long screws pilot drilled and fixed directly into the High Density Foam of the HDF slat. The inserts are fitted to every alternate slat in the curtain and whilst this may appear to be a time consuming exercise, the results are quite remarkable.

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