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In Australia's hot and dry summer climate, bushfires are a threat to many properties. Fires can have a devastating impact to your family home. We are proud to stock a range of bush fire roller shutters To help protect your most valuable asset. In many cases belongings and houses get destroyed when excessive heat breaks the windows of a building. Once windows are broken, the fire can enter your home, causing curtains, furniture and other items to catch alight, spreading quickly across your entire property. To keep fire out of your home and to protect life, you need to protect windows and doors with fire rated shutters; when fire has no entry point into the building, the risk of the property burning down is significantly reduced.

Our bushfire compliant shutters work by reducing heat by up to 90%, decreasing the likelihood of windows exploding. Our bushfire roller shutters do not contain combustible materials and can also keep debris from being blown into your home.

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