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The Trusted Suppliers of Australian Made Aluminium Plantation Shutters.

Backed by many years in the industry, we have established ourselves as a leading supplier who maintains a focus on only offering the highest quality products for our valued customers. Whether for a commercial or domestic property, our plantation shutters are not only sought after but throughout NSW/ QLD

Why you should invest in plantation shutters for your property?

Our plantation range of shutters offer a versatile addition to any property. As the individual slats can be adjusted easily to rest at various angles, users are able to encourage air flow, whilst filtering out sunlight and thus, keeping the interior space cool. This is especially beneficial during hot summer months when blinds or curtains simply don’t cut it when it comes to keeping the heat from leeching into your home. Plantation shutters can be sliding, bi-fold or conventional doors or can be hinged directly onto the window frame therefore not reducing the size of daylight opening of the window.   As they are completely weather proof they can be utilised outdoor to transform your outdoor entertaining area.  We can even fit round plantations or angled plantations.

Benefits of Aluminium over conventional materials.

Generally with wood plantations have a maximum blade width of 750mm. Compared to 1000mm for Aluminium. Meaning you will get a cleaner more visually pleasing shutter without all the fussiness of rods and bars. We can also go higher than wood plantations before a stile is required.

Powder coating is one of the greatest coating ever made. They will not warp, chip, discolour or stain.

Aluminium shutters work with a double hinge if more than two panels are needed. This means no middle T bar is required in the middle of your window.

Our plantations are made in Newcastle and all raw aluminium is sourced from Austalian mines only.

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